Jessica Schramm

My paintings are explorations of social norms and those who live outside of them. The animals depicted in the paintings are playful representatives of awkward human interactions. I have a daughter who burns brightly with autism, and I have come to really appreciate the few of us who struggle in normal social functions. I have always thought how nice it must be for animals to just exist and I enjoy creating fun interactions between animals that would normally be considered “predator and prey.” Using raw wooden panel, I try to use as little paint as possible to allow the natural grain to sing. It creates a thin veil on the wood, and to me this is a representation of the thin veils we all wear in society.

Jessica Schramm is a working artist from Colorado that has found a home in Portland Oregon. Her early works stemmed from an obsession with the ideas of the artists’ muse and has recently shifted toward the study of human behaviors. With the diagnosis of her daughter a new clarity of being has brought a refreshing mindset toward the “the human connection relating specifically to the idea of a lack of native environment thanks to the overwhelming presence of social expectations.”